365 Day of Fitness Day 1 – Total Core – 30 Day Shred – Shred it with Weights – 10k Steps

February 5, 2019 in 365 Days of Fitness by Candace

The MOMENT Things Changed

In September I was in a life changing car accident. I rolled my car 3 times and hit a pole. I walked away with a broken rib and the strict orders to rest for 4-6 months. For 2 months I was taking pain meds, anxiety meds and predisone for 10 days. The predisone packed on weight with a quickness.

It is February now, it has been 5 months. A long 5 months of no lifting, no activity, and LOTS of pain as I have healed. I am ready to take my fitness seriously. My actual body has changed drastically from the accident and lack of activity. I want to over do working out in hopes of getting back into shape quickly (Of course I know this is a bad idea). I have packed on a good 10 or 15lbs. I have also lost all of my muscle definition. I read that after an accident like the one I was in, your muscles are ripped and basically disintegrate. I know my strength is nowhere what it once was. However I do still feel good muscle is left. So I am not too worried about not being able to bounce back completely.

I am not my happy self that is for sure.

I have been making some adjustments to things to try to get back to the old me but I think some major work is going to be required.

Things at my disposal:

30 Day Shred with Jillian Michaels:

I used the 30 day shred once before and only got to day 8. It is a killer workout that is addictive. In that 8 days I dropped 2 inches on my waist and lost 5lbs. It was by far the fastest turnaround time I had ever seen. I quite and I regret it terribly. I am hopeful I can make it all the way through this time.

30 Day Shred – with dumb bells.   Did not complete day 1.

Shred It with Weights with Jillian Michaels:

To use shred it with weights you will need a kettlebell. I purchased a 10lb one off of amazon.

Shred it with Weights – with 10lb  Did not complete day 1.

Fitnation Total Core Machine – COMPLETED! I felt a great burn in my arms, back and legs. I also completed 100 situps and could feel the strength in my core.  

Cavitation and Radio Frequency Machine – Did not complete day 1.

Plenty of Walking Space – 3k steps for the day! My endurance really ran out quickly. I was pushing my son in a stroller so I think the added resistance was another good workout for my arms. My arms need it most.

Fitbit – My fitbit stopped working correctly half way through my walk. I will need to replace it asap. It is old and has been in storage for a long time. I think I have a samsung galaxy somewhere. I will dig it out. I like to do competitions on the samsung network more then I like the fitbit network. So This might be a blessing in disguise. Until I can get another tracker I will shoot for walking atleast 1 hour a day. I think that gets a good 4 miles in. I believe it is shorter then my 10k step goal but it is better then nothing. I will also switch it up and do some biking on days that I do not have my son with.

Protein Shakes 2x a Day. – Did not complete.

Right now I have some very cheap store bought protein but it will suit me just fine till I can order some off of amazon.


I am taking:

Vit D3 5,000 Units Daily – Took in morning – I can feel my depression lessening.

Magnesium 500 mg daily. – Took in the morning, this helps with my anxiety HUGELY.


I plan on waking early and completing a round of 30 day shred, shred it with weights and using the total core machine for 20 minutes. That is a total of an hour of daily exercise.

Walking for an hour in the evening for a total of 10k steps daily. – This should be an hour of walking.

Every 3rd day I will use my cavitation and radio frequency machine. – This is a total of 2 hours.

What Am I Giving Up?

First is SODA. I find it to be my comfort drink and I need to eliminate it completely from my diet.

Instead I will be drinking 0 calorie tea, water and protein shakes.

Will this be too much?

At this point even completing one of my items for the day will give me a feeling of accomplishment and I think that is what is needed after being so sedentary for so long.

Today is day 1

I will report back after I have completed the days activities. I will update each day as I complete items. I will keep track with before, after pictures and measurements. I will let you know what is working and what is not working. Follow along with me to see if I can whip myself back in shape and how long and what is required to make it happen!


Day 1. I completed 3k steps.
The Total Core Machine.

I slacked on my diet and drank way too much soda. Did not complete the 30 day shred, or shred it with weights.
I think I will stick with the total core and walking for the first week.
I could feel my injured rib during the total core machine so I feel it is better to introduce a little more and a little more each time.
I am hopeful in the next 1-4 weeks I will be on track to my original plan.
For right now. I feel accomplished just doing anything and I look forward to building up each and every day.

Starting Weight NOW: 155lbs. 

Before Day 1 Photo