Avon Necklaces Can Be Hard To Come By

May 9, 2019 in Avon by Candace

In high school you may have learned the law of supply and demand. Simply pt the more demand and the lower the supply, the more expensive a product will be. On the flip side, if there is little demand and plenty of product available, prices will fall.
Few companies today can control or manipulate supply and demand like the Avon Cosmetics company does. Due to their huge, worldwide independent sales force, they can communicate directly to the most loyal fans about upcoming product releases. Much like a new hit CD sells out just after midnight on the day of release, Avon’s most popular necklaces tend to sell quick and then increase value almost immediately on the resale market.
Currently several of Avon’s necklace styles are available, for now, from the main company website. One of the most popular items is the Sterling Silver Diamond Accent Motif Pendant. The item comes on a silk cord and online reviews from customers seem very positive. The necklace sells for just under forty-dollars if you buy direct from Avon, or you may be able to find it for less on eBay.
One of Avon’s least expensive, and very popular, items is the Breast Cancer Crusade Flip-Flop designed necklace. On a 17″ silvertone chain with an included three inch extender, this necklace costs just five dollars. Because it is designed to help support the search for a cure for cancer all profits from the necklace are donated.
When it comes to vintage Avon necklaces your best bet is searching local garage sales, estate sales and even online auctions. Many times you will be able to find vintage Avon merchandise sold in large lots via Craigslist or eBay.
Finding your favorite Avon necklace of the past can be a challenge, but very rewarding when it arrives in your hands and your see yourself wearing it in the mirror. About the Author
Dexter Michaels is a markting and brand professional in the radio broadcasting industry. He also writes for seveal online publications and is currently researching thr role of the yellow diamond in American jewelry. Michaels lives in Western Washington with his wife and three children.