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May 9, 2019 in Avon by Candace

Started the new season begins 14 and of course the new opportunities of Avon Books. But first things new: Irina Shayk Aerovolumen recommended us a mascara that gives you light volume and the higher you get to keep your lashes all day, 2 tones to choose from with aerospace technology with these benefits: lifts and plumps the look of the lashes all day.
No lumps and make no exaggerated or artificial is simplyirresistible!. Here come the new CC Cream did you know?, Are creams plus makeup look after you, so that the skin has instant benefits and long term. So we present the new cream concealer, various shades with which you feel more comfortable, it also helps you to blur dark spots. Senses in 250 ml. is one of the most sought shower gels for yourselves, in the Avon catalog of this campaign got 50 % off 9 shower gels at a great price. We in this Catalogue Avon fragrances are always with you, 9 ml. fragrance that you can wear comfortably in your bag for those special moments that have a dramatic presence. We recommend you apply it on pulse points massaging the area with roll- on: Little Black Dress, Pur Blanca, Incandessence and classic, sophisticated and elegant Far Away. Want to have an awesome hair? As we have specific treatments for your hair. Want to hydrate, improve and enhance your hair? Your choice is the infusion of heat treatment with Argan Oil from Morocco: revitalizing mask? Hair Mask Argan Oil from Morocco. Want to soften dry hair? Your option is Serum for dry ends that give you shine. The Avon Books have many treatments that insurance will adapt to what you want. The Avon Naturals brand for all hair types 250 ml. is now at a great price and is a quick fix for your hair, or Advance Techniques, nutrition and shine in XXL. We arrived at one of the historic Avon products, in this case the Books Avon presents it in the form of 1000 ml., Is the bubble bath Bubble Bath, you can relax with a bath of amazing foam, have the most special flavors for you and yours: strawberry sorbet, lavender, lilies, sensitive, violet, pink and romantic rose at a fantastic price of â,¬ 4.5Take advantage of this opportunity!. Well, we did a brief review of the Avon catalog campaign 14, the next post will tell you more things of this booklet: feet, Online Care, Body creams… I continue to count. Chao About the Author
Avon promoting ideas square measure on faucet for you to create your life easier whether you’re a seasoned rep or you are brooding about connection the catalogo avon ranks – therefore keep reading.