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07/02/2018 2:49 pm  

Ok People... 

We all know that ETSY is awesome and it's a great way to get our names known... but man that competition is stiff. 

How do you compete among all those sellers? How do make your awesome creations stand out? 

Any and all advice would truly be appreciated!

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08/02/2018 2:08 pm  

I think you need to have a unique selling proposition and you need products that are wanted.

Like for example I am redesigning my kids rooms. I was looking for heart wall tapestry's and The Flash super hero merchandise. Both gave me very few options. I was flabbergasted! I searched all over the internet. These are super easy products to make. Printables of the flash and I think you can design tapestry's online to load into your esty shop. 

Of course you need to always offer great customer service and send out products in a timely manner. 

I think running a facebook page can really boost business too. I would post in women groups like local area groups and such to grow an online following. 


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