[Sticky] Levels - State vs. County  


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17/08/2018 9:18 am  

If you are thinking of joining our local area chapters then you need to know which membership will be right for you.

We have 2 chapters available.

1st - States - running a state means you earn $8 recurring income on every single signup that you get through the main state page and all Counties that are under your state. If someone claims one of your Counties you get the same commission from your new chapter owner, however the new chapter owner will then get all recurring incomes from their Chapter. States are RARE... There are only 50 states plus Canada. Running a State gives you guaranteed income when your Counties get filled.  Running a State is $39 a month. You get a free business profile that is showcased on the owner of the state. Plus you get all additional perks of being a MOMReps member.

If your State has already been claimed then you can claim a County under your desired state. You earn $8 a month per your members. Running a County is $12.99 a month and you get a free business profile that is showcased as the owner of the County plus all the additional MOMReps membership perks.


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