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Norwex is the world's leader in Microfiber Technology and one of the fastest growing Direct Sales companies today. Our mission is to. "Improve the quality of life by radically reducing the chemicals we use in our homes." Of course you can buy cheaper microfiber, but you won't get our patented Baclock. What is Baclock? It's microsilver embedded into the fibers of our cloths that prevent the growth of mold and mildew. Another major difference is the size of our fibers. Legally the fibers have to be 1/6 of a human hair, to be considered microfiber. Norwex microfiber is 1/200 of a human hair! There are 10 million feet of fiber in one Envirocloth! Our microfiber is very dense and can remove 99% of bacteria from a surface with just WATER!

I am in NC, but can ship anywhere in the USA!

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Below in the first picture is our Safe Haven Package. It's our most popular, because you get something for every room to get you started on making your home a safe haven. The video below explains the package.

Brittany Meehan



Dennise Delafuente


New Jersey

Andrea McAdams

Garden Grove


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Vyctoria Bruot
Norwex helps you clean your home in half the time with just a cloth and water! We give you your life back in large and small degrees by saving you time, saving you money, and eliminating your exposure to nasty chemicals that can mess with your health.



Sierra Wilson
Modere offers clean, chemical-free products ranging from personal care & household items to liquid biocell, natural supplements & clean eating programs.


North Dakota

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Karen Madsen
At Norwex, we believe in a brighter future by radically reducing chemicals in the home, reducing waste to our environment, and spend less time cleaning. Breath easier knowing you have created a safe haven for you and your family. We believe in try Norwex, love Norwex, share Norwex!

Physical (one on one, home parties) Palm Bay, Malabar, Grant, Valkaria, Barefoot Bay. Coming soon all cities via Facebook.


Jaclyn Perkins
im a certified independent consultant for scentsy



Misty Wright
If you are not familiar with Thirty-One well you are in for a treat!! We carry a line of beautiful bags, thermals and home storage solutions that are customizable.


North Carolina

Karen Roussel
MojiLife had a dream to not only improve the fragrance market but to make a device safer and they made it happen by their new innovative technology of Air Moji!!! It is made to desperse the fragrance by blowing it. They too also new the fragrance itself would need to be smarter where no wax of any kind and instead get the finest of European oils and pre-saturated within an inner wooden wick with 15 ml!! The Air Moji has a sleek modern look and comes in black & white. They too wanted to make it smarter to work for everyone of selection modes of choice. 1) push once, will continuously fragrance until turning off. 2) push twice, and automatically knows to fragrance 1 hour on/ 1 our off, repeating until turning off. 3) push 3 times, to connect via Bluetooth & smart phone and MojiLife App to choose daily/weekly schedules of fragrance by choosing when on/off and how long. MojiLife also knew people would love the choice of home decor to compliment their homes that are made especially for the Air Moji. And along with an awesome cordless, hybrid device that uses fragrance & essential oil pods, they also decided to offer their own non-toxic cleaning line.



Janci Miller
Fregrance device with blu tooth technology, non toxic cleaners and home decor



Ennie Gonzaga
I never heard of using essential oils for health benefits. I use to think that essentials oils were for hippies and massages. I was more than upset to find out that essential oils are so powerful that they provide the body what it needs to heal itself. Why didn’t anyone tell me about this? I didn’t have to waste 13 years of my life poisoning my body. There are many essential oil companies out there and I was very fortunate to have been introduce to doTERRA first. The owners mortgage their homes to start this company with a mission to bring the purest essential oil to the world and to get it in every household. They source their oils from its native land as the soil and climate improve the quality of potency and purity of the oils. In addition to supplying the highest quality essential oils dōTERRA is committed to making a positive difference in the lives of farmers, harvesters, and distillers who contribute to dōTERRA’s oil production through their co-impact sourcing. They are a debt free company and are focused on making everyone else the same with their Free To Give program. doTERRA chose the direct sale marketing because the best way to share the oils is to experience it and have someone show you which oils to use and how to use it correctly. They reversed the typical compensation model and pay the highest percentage at the deeper levels. So rather than work on your own front line you get paid more by helping others . . there is no better feeling than that.

Temple City