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Temple City

In December 2006, my body finally started it’s attack on my kidneys and I was put on stronger steroid medication which I have been taking for 13 years. One Saturday morning, I couldn’t get out of bed and I missed my son’s soccer game where he scored 7 goals. I made a promise that I wouldn’t miss another game. The instant it came out of my mouth, my brain said, what did you just do? You can't make a promise to your child that you have no control over. Well, I frantically started looking for natural ways to manage what I was going through.  That was the start of my natural health journey. It’s not an easy journey, as it goes against society norms and beliefs, even my own beliefs. I kept an open mind and am now doing things I was told I could never do. I now share my knowledge of how I helped myself, my family and others get health relief using natural products. I help others get more energy, better mood, more productivity, improve their health and their finances. I love coaching and teaching others about essential oils, energy modalities, sauna therapy, muscle therapy, improving mindset and lifestyle diet. One of the main modalities I use is doTERRA essential oils. The oils are beneficial not only for physical health but more importantly emotional health. Due to my health journey, I personally believe that emotional health is the foundation for great physical health. If you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired like I was, go against the grain, and lets connect.
I never heard of using essential oils for health benefits. I use to think that essentials oils were for hippies and massages. I was more than upset to find out that essential oils are so powerful that they provide the body what it needs to heal itself. Why didn’t anyone tell me about this? I didn’t have to waste 13 years of my life poisoning my body. There are many essential oil companies out there and I was very fortunate to have been introduce to doTERRA first. The owners mortgage their homes to start this company with a mission to bring the purest essential oil to the world and to get it in every household. They source their oils from its native land as the soil and climate improve the quality of potency and purity of the oils. In addition to supplying the highest quality essential oils dōTERRA is committed to making a positive difference in the lives of farmers, harvesters, and distillers who contribute to dōTERRA’s oil production through their co-impact sourcing. They are a debt free company and are focused on making everyone else the same with their Free To Give program. doTERRA chose the direct sale marketing because the best way to share the oils is to experience it and have someone show you which oils to use and how to use it correctly. They reversed the typical compensation model and pay the highest percentage at the deeper levels. So rather than work on your own front line you get paid more by helping others . . there is no better feeling than that.
I had no plans to do the business as I was busy with my full time IT job and kids activities. Honestly, I was skeptical of these ‘magic’ oils. I had them for 3 months without using them. Then when my son was overheating with such a high body temperature, I decided to try the oils. WOW, he was better the next day. Then it worked successfully for me and my son. I just wanted the products and I wanted all of them. I wanted to be able to make up a blend and have all the oils and supplements at my disposable. It was all so weird to me, like voodoo stuff, I was afraid to tell anybody about them. But after a while, I couldn’t help myself. You just have to share when you see someone in pain and you know you have the tools and knowledge to help. I just kept sharing, then I got a check, and another check and so on and reached leadership rank. Their business model is really one of the best out there. They have a 65% retention rate as opposed to other direct selling companies who average about 15-20%. This is because the focus is on the product first. It’s a consumable product that makes people feel better physically and emotionally. Who doesn’t want that? It’s made such an impact in my life that I became a Certified Holistic Practitioner and Certified High Performance Coach. I teach weekly classes to share my knowledge and empower others to take charge of their health and their family’s health. Here’s a great overview --->
Ah, the compensation plan. This was the last thing that I learned and is now one of the first things that I teach. I started out as a user and had no interest in the business so I had no interest in the compensation plan. But even as a user, you can still get compensated just for sharing and you can pretty much get your oils for free. I didn’t share for over 6 months. I just used the oils for me and my family learning all the blends and what helps with what. I just couldn’t believe that it was actually working. I just kept thinking it was a coincidence that I started feeling better. Once I embraced being the crazy voo doo lady with the oils, I was open to sharing more with others. I put everyone on my first line as I had no clue what I was doing. I should have been building down and not having 30 people across my first line – doh! It’s a live and learn situation and I make sure people know about the compensation when they successfully share with others. There are 5 ways to earn. 1. You can sell retail and make the 25% difference in wholesale price. 2. 20% Fast start bonus for every you sign up for their first 60 days. 3. Power of 3 bonus from $50 - $1500 4. Team Bonus – Unilvel Compensation from 2% - 7% (where the magic happens) and 5. Leadership Bonus Pools ……...Here is a visual with more detailed info --->
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