Youth Gene Inside Every Woman

May 9, 2019 in Avon by Candace

Skin Care Inspiration
In a world where looking young is almost as important as being healthy, ANEW scientists were inspired by research and recently uncovered a secret to human longevity. St. Louis Avon representative, Kristin Tapia found this of great interest for herself and her national customers.
An important cosmetic study in Italy showed that many people who live longer and healthier, some living past 100 years old, have in their body a highly active Youth Gene which scientists now say is inside all of us.
The Quintessential Skin Care Finding
To take this new found information to the next level, ANEW built upon this initial research to discover a vital link between Youth Gene activity and skin. This same Youth Gene that keeps the body healthy, keeps skin cells acting younger. As we get older, Youth Gene activity increasingly declines in our skin. An increase in this Youth Gene’s activity boosts proteins that can help women to look younger.
Science and Their Breakthrough Technology
ANEW Genics Treatment Cream has become the first with patented YouthGenâ„¢ Technology formulated to stimulate Youth Gene activity to help skin cells to act younger. Their in-vitro testing showed that stimulating the Youth Gene resulted in a boost in critical skin components, including collagen and hyaluronic acid.
Time, external factors like UVB rays and just plain living can cause Youth Gene activity to slow down and thus over time aging effects also become more noticeable. ANEW Genics with patented YouthGen Technology is designed to re-activate the Youth Gene in skin cells, re-charging it and helping skin cells act younger.
Who Can Benefit From This New Discovery
Of course, the obvious questions raised by such research is who can benefit from this skin care discovery? This new treatment cream is a total anti-aging treatment suitable for all skin types. It is designed to work with any ANEW regimen to deliver optimal results. In fact, every consumer who is concerned about their aging skin can benefit from ANEW Genics whether they have a current skin care regimen or not.
This new skin care product can help practically anyone to improve the appearance of their skin’s texture, firmness, wrinkles and most types of discolorations. This is the one product that all women who want younger-looking skin should be using on a regular basis.
How about consumers who are currently using ANEW Skin Care products? ANEW Genics fits right into their current ANEW regimen. Any consumer interested in this beauty tip should simply replace her current night cream with ANEW Genics Treatment Cream and continue using the rest of her regimen as usual. This will also help optimize her regimen and deliver real results.
In fact, this cream works with any type of skin care routine. Anyone can use ANEW Genics Treatment Cream instead of her current night cream. St. Louis Avon representatives like Kristin Tapia encourages women to move to a full ANEW regimen for optimal results. This has become a great opportunity to introduce women to ANEW and help them acquire the younger and healthier type skin most women strive all their lives to attain. About the Author
Kristin Tapia, a professional St Louis Avon representative, works with women of all ages to enhance their natural beauty. She announces new products, special savings and important St Louis beauty news. If interested in the ANEW skin product breakthrough or any of Avon’s products, call Kristin at 314-627-0302.