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FAQ’s About MOMReps Community

Be sure you are on the edit profile page. To get to your edit profile page, click on the company profile pink heart in the top left of the site. You will see your profile page, under your header image is a grey icon, click on that and choose edit profile. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on upload underneath the products section. Add your images to the editor and click apply. Then make sure you click update profile to make your changes live.

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The header must be atleast 1000 pixels. If you would like a unique header for your profile or shop, please browse the marketplace. Our vendors offer beautiful headers for your business needs.

Category: Profiles

To add or change your subscriptions, please visit the member icon in the top left of our website.

You can see the additional memberships that are available. If you would like your profile to show in a different community. IE, you purchased for one County but you are moving, simply contact the support desk and we will change your account to the correct community.

Category: Profiles

Yes, you are free to cancel your membership at anytime, however if someone claims your State, County, Company page then you will not be able to reinstate your account back to that community until that opening has become available again.

It is in your best business interest to keep your account especially if you have been lucky enough to claim one of the very limited community spots.

To cancel your account click on the member icon in the top left of our site.

Category: Profiles

For some of our listings you must first be approved. When we approve your listing we are always looking for a completed profile with a header image and profile image.

If you profile still does not show in the community you have chosen for your membership, please contact support and we will help you.

Category: Profiles

Your profile can easily be edited by clicking on the company profile icon in the top left corner of our site.

To pull down the additional profile options. When on your edit profile page, notice the grey gear in the right hand corner under your profile header. Click on that and you will find all your profile options.

Be sure to complete your profile / only completed profiles are shown on our site.

Category: Profiles

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