Activating Your Store

You must be registered as a vendor to begin adding items into your store. To be registered as a vendor you must have an active membership with us here at MOMReps.

If you are not a member, visit this page to get started.  Signup as a member.

Once you have obtained membership be sure to login into your account.

Then go to our vendors page found here. —->> My Vendor Account

You will see a register box. Be sure to click I am a vendor input your email address that used during membership signup and click register.

Your store will be created. Be sure to create a shop url that you are happy with.

Accessing Your Shop Dashboard

To access your shop dashboard, click on the link found in the menu bar.


Adding Products

Your shop dashboard is very simple, to add a new products click on the left hand side menu. (Products).

It will take you to the products page where you can input all of your information.

Yo can also access your orders and withdraw your earnings here.


Customizing Your Store

Your store can be customized just like your profile. Be sure to add in a unique header so people will remember your store.